Lego Bonsai Tree
Saturday 22nd January 2022
Pizza on the heath for lunch while the girls were at Japanese school. Later on in the early evening the three of us built the Lego bonsai tree which Mum had sent as a Christmas present.
London January 2022
John's Pictures

The barrow, on a rather grey day.

Domaine Rossignol-Trapet Gevrey Chambertin 1er Cru Aux Etelois. Of which I wrote: "Slightly volatile nose, first a lovely burst of fresh cherry, then a hint of leather, later more earthy/mushroomy. Nice acidity but I wanted a bit more silk on the palate." Being a biodynamic wine I actually thought this might be ever so slightly faulty based on those mushroomy aromas.

Weird food pairing, with some pizza from the farmer's market. The pizza was a tad disappointing to be honest, quite inferior to my local pizza place (which is also cheaper).

Anyway, despite the slight disappointments with the actual food and drink it was at least nice to be dining outdoors.

Later on the three of us set to work on the Lego bonsai tree.

Given that the recommended age on the box was 18+, I was impressed by how much Erika was able to do unaided.

Work in progress.

Quite a lot of progress now!

I think we had a break for dinner then came back to it again later - now starting to add some foliage.

...and finally there it is, the finished bonsai tree, in its green foliage configuration.

Erika and the bonsai tree.

You can also make a cherry blossom version of it - but we decided to wait until that would be seasonally appropriate.