Erika's Lunch and Korean Dinner
Wednesday 27th July 2022
I worked today, but with Erika now off school for the summer she made lunch for us. Later on I went for a stroll to the heath, the girls came and joined me for a bit, then we went to a local Korean restaurant for dinner.
London July 2022
John's Pictures

The lunch Erika made - peppers, rainbow carrots and tomatoes on one side; slices of Quorn sausage roll in the middle; then Erika's trademark potato salad (in a minty vinaigrette dressing) over the other side.

Erika looking proud of her handiwork. It was a very nice lunch!

Later on I went for a quick stroll to the heath.

Brought along some Gavignet NSG with me.


The girls came and met me and we sat on this bench for a little while mulling over what to do for dinner.

Somehow we settled on the local Korean place.

Chie and Erika and our bibimbaps.