The Pineapple
Saturday 13th June 2020
The Pineapple briefly reopened for takeaway, although, alas, thanks to unsupportive neighbours this turned out to be a one weekend only thing. Also cooked both main meals today out in the garden - a sort of pasta e fagioli for lunch, then a barbecue for dinner.
London June 2020
John's Pictures

Cooking lunch.

Something like pasta e fagioli - pasta cooked with cannelini beans. This was nicer than it looks - perhaps a sort of distant cousin of macaroni cheese for vegans? Made a horrible mess of the pot though.

Me looking jubilant at being able to stand - ever so briefly - in the Pineapple once again. Albeit only for takeaway.

Erika toasting marshmallows after our barbecue this evening.

Trying to get a billy can of water to boil on the residual embers.