Summer Solstice
Monday 21st June 2021
I think today was the actual summer solstice, but initial ambitious plans to wake up at dawn and go and watch the sunrise didn't materialise, in part knowing I had the drive back to London ahead of me and I needed the sleep, but also because I could tell from the weather forecast there wouldn't be much to see. So instead I got a reasonable night's sleep, had a cooked breakfast at my lodgings, then went out for a bracing stroll on Knap Hill and stopped for a coffee in Marlborough before the long boring drive back to London.
London June 2021
John's Pictures

This was just a short drive from where I had been staying, and I had remembered it was a nice spot from my walk from Pewsey to Avebury back in September.

Near the car park, where I was happy to see a few vans parked (as there had also been back in September) - obviously a bit of spill over from the solstice. There was a tent here as well.

Flowers in amongst the grass on the ay up Knap Hill.

The sun trying to poke through the clouds.

Views from Knap Hill.


A bit of a tumulus.

Me atop Knap Hill.