Lunch at Pineapple and Camping Food in the Garden
Wednesday 1st June 2022
I was off work all week this week, but didn't really have much planned today. Went for lunch at the Pineapple with the girls. Then in the evening the girls were out for dinner and I oddly decided to have a camping meal out in the back garden.
London June 2022
John's Pictures

Erika reading her comic in the Pineapple.

Took note of this as a possible pub to visit during the jubilee weekend.

The three of us having our (late) lunch at the Pineapple.

Some Gachot Monot in the garden. I perhaps should have made the effort and gone for a walk to the heath, but somehow (perhaps because of having been in "proper" countryside earlier in the week) I wasn't really in the mood.

Decided to try one of the camping meals I had in stock for dinner. Some of these seem to work out better than others. This one very much had a sort of cheap and nasty Pot Noodle kind of flavour to it.

Still, the wine was nice, and I had fun boiling my billy can on the BCB stove.

Note the dish on top of the decanter to stop the flies getting in.

Video of the billy boiling.