Marble Run and Grand Cru GevCham
Sunday 5th June 2022
Another fairly quiet day following the immersion in all the flag waving etc of the first two days of the long jubilee weekend. Constructed a Marble Run with Erika. Popped out for a bit later on in the afternoon to meet Christian for a glass of Gevrey Chambertin.
London June 2022
John's Pictures

Erika testing out the Marble Run we had just built. This was already the second design of the day, but didn't get a picture of the first one, and I thought this one was much better.


As seen from above.

I was itching for an excuse to open this Gevrey Chambertin Grand Cru (from Chapelle Chambertin), and manage to coax Christian out for a bit in the afternoon to come and join me.

Grand Cru Gevrey Chambertin, on a park bench.


Christian and his son, looking very stylish I thought. I regret using portrait mode here though, the bokeh looks really unrealistic.

Back home later on, raspberries in the garden.

...and Erika had another go on the Marble Run we'd built earlier.