Thursday 9th June 2022
Down to Belgravia to visit the dentist, and ended up turning it into a half day off work. Later on a trip to the heath.
London June 2022
John's Pictures

The Pizza ai Funghi at Oliveto. Still probably my favourite pizza of all time.

Later on I went for a walk to the heath with this Vosne Romanee, which I found really underwhelming. Not sure if that's something to do with having been to the dentist (all that scraping / polishing / swilling does seem to have a temporary detrimental affect on my palate). So after less than half a glass, I decided to put the cork back in and try again another day.

Sparkling seems much better suited to a post dentist wine, so I quickly popped to the wine shop next to the heath which I remembered had Exton Park, and got this instead.

A couple of views from the top of Parliament Hill.