Film Crew
Thursday 16th June 2022
Sat on the heath for a bit in the early evening, and a film crew showed up. Assumed they were here to interview me about my stylish attire and impeccable taste in wine, but no it turns out they were doing a piece for the news on the hot weather.
London June 2022
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Brought along some Sugrue Dr Brendan O' Regan, as it was rather a warm day, and some chilled sparkling seemed appropriate. Oh also today was apparently "Sussex Day", and I''d heard the Sussex Wine PDO had just been ratified, so it really had to be something from Sussex.


The film crew. A lot of faffing about before they actually filmed anything.

Alas this news reporter showed up, and the film crew weren't here for me after all.

I thought this was nicely framed.

Funny light atop Parliament Hill.

Chie and Erika were out for the evening, so I had the opportunity for a really extended stay on the heath.

I think I eventually headed home some time after this.