The Long Bus Ride Home
Tuesday 21st June 2022
Given the rail strikes planned for today, I attempted to get all the way from Avebury to London by bus. I managed it, but perhaps the diversion via Oxford wasn't entirely optimal, and in the end it took about 5 hours.
London June 2022
John's Pictures

Me looking rather bleary eyed, and already on my second bus of the day - the S6 from Swindon to Oxford.

I really should have hung around in Oxford for a bit, perhaps had some breakfast. However the bus station which the S6 arrived at was the same as the one the "Oxford Tube" coach to London departs from, and there was one there about to depart, so I just jumped straight on it. Thus I just got these fleeting glimpses of Oxford as I was passing through.


The in-seat facilities on the Oxford Tube coach, in case you wondered.