Friday 24th June 2022
I found work rather stressful today. Partly as a result of a new performance management system we've just adopted, but also partly a post Avebury "return to normality" slump. So, it being a Friday, I decided to call it quits around 4 and head to the heath for a bit.
London June 2022
John's Pictures

On arrival on the heath.

Some Vosne Romanee at the barrow. My sense of smell wasn't really at its best this week (dealing with a lingering cold) so it may have been a bit wasted on me in my current condition... Anyway it was pleasant enough.

The barrow, as I was leaving to go home and make dinner.

Later on, the old classic combination of Chateau Peyraguey and strawberries. The strawberries were a bit naff, if I'm honest, despite being from the UK and it surely being peak season now...? However the Chateau Peyraguey was wonderful.