Sunny Saturday - London March 2011

Sunny Saturday

Saturday 19th March 2011

Late breakfast at the Regency Cafe, a wander round the Tate Britain, lounging around in the gardens for a bit enjoying the sun, then vegetarian caviar and Worthenbury sparkling wine in the evening.

London March 2011

11:39:28 Late breakfast at the Regency Cafe - which meant we just missed the last slice of bubble.12:30:04 The skylight in the Tate Britain, looking rather wonderful with today's superb blue sky.12:32:01 A couple of shots outside the Tate Britain, again hard to resist with this wonderful blue sky.

12:32:07 12:44:10 As it was such a nice day some time lounging around in the gardens was definitely called for.12:44:57

14:46:08 Thanks to the wonders of mobile internet I was able to get my blog up to date whilst enjoying the sunshine.14:46:17 15:09:03 ...although we had to move once or twice as the sun caused various bits of the garden to be in shadow.

15:09:12 15:09:32 18:10:44 In the evening I was keen to try some of the vegetarian caviar and Worthenbury (a Welsh sparking wine made in the methode champenoise) which Dad had given me for my birthday. I also knocked up some very simple little pancakes just using self raising flour and water - they were surprisingly good.

18:10:52 My improvised blinis.18:11:00 Sea Relish - the vegetarian caviar alternative. Bizarrely I have never been able to find this in London, the only place I've ever seen it is the Spar in Pwllheli.18:11:08 Close up on the Worthenbury.

18:14:13 An entirely vegetarian (probably vegan even) caviar blini. Rather delicious too!