London March 2021
March 2021
Pictures from London in March 2021.
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Monday 1st March 2021
So it's March then.
Tuesday 2nd March 2021
Quick check on the cherry tree. Not much more progress.
Car, Budget, Girl's Day
Wednesday 3rd March 2021
A lot on today - we bought a car, the budget (thankfully nothing bad for me) and also it was Girl's Day in Japan.
Boundary Stones
Thursday 4th March 2021
In the interest of trying to make my walks to Hampstead Heath a bit different, today I went looking for the boundary stones I'd seen marked on the Ordnance Survey map.
Small Beer
Friday 5th March 2021
Tried "small beer" this evening. Thought it was quite good.
Pink Sky on the Heath
Saturday 6th March 2021
Went to the heath to catch a bit of the sunset towards the end of the day.
Belgravia in the Car
Sunday 7th March 2021
First drive in our new car. Went down to Belgravia for pizza from Oliveto followed by gelato from Olivogelo.
Tuesday 9th March 2021
Had some breaky bottom in the garden.
Heath with Christian
Thursday 11th March 2021
Met Christian for some wine on the heath.
East Meon
Friday 12th March 2021
A glass of East Meon in the garden to round off the working week.
Brent Cross and Environs
Saturday 13th March 2021
Erika's Japanese school was back to having lessons in person today, so we drove her there in the car, and Chie and I hung around in the area until pick up time. It was a bit dull. Later on I headed to the heath.
Sunday 14th March 2021
Not much to report. Tulips started flowering in the garden.
Monday 15th March 2021
My birthday today. Took the afternoon off work, went for a walk to the heath, then when I got back had black forest gateau with the girls, and in the evening started building the Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Clock Tower with Erika.
Clock Tower
Tuesday 16th March 2021
Erika and I finished off the Lego Hogwarts Clock Tower this evening.
Wednesday 17th March 2021
Bulk order of beans, lentils etc from Hodmedod's arrived today.
Fox, Cava, Tarp
Thursday 18th March 2021
Somehow a fox got into our garden this afternoon Spanish food and Cava for dinner. Put up a tarp in the lounge later on in the evening.
Lincoln's Inn Fields
Friday 19th March 2021
Took the afternoon off work and walked down to Lincoln's Inn Fields to meet Andrew.
Saturday 20th March 2021
Made a den for Erika in the lounge with one of my tarps.
Sunday 21st March 2021
Sushi for lunch, which we went to pick up in the car. In the afternoon I had some Nuits St Georges on the heath.
Monday 22nd March 2021
Just one picture, checking on the state of the flowers in the garden at lunchtime.
Worst Witch
Tuesday 23rd March 2021
Erika put together a Worst Witch type uniform and I went for a quick early evening stroll to the heath.
Wine Deliveries
Wednesday 24th March 2021
A couple of wine deliveries today - a mixed case of ESW from Waitrose wine, and a bottle of Vacqueryas from Tom the wine merchant.
To Bermondsey and Back Again
Friday 26th March 2021
My company had another global day off today, under normal circumstances I would have liked to go for a walk in the countryside, but frustratingly that relaxation of the ridiculous rules wouldn't come until the following Monday. So instead I did a long walk in London - all the way to the Angel in Bermondsey, about a 15 mile round trip in total.
Saturday 27th March 2021
Erika had her friend (who we're in a "childcare bubble" with) over for an extended playdate / sleepover today. I went off to the heath for a bit in the afternoon.
Sunday 28th March 2021
Checked up on the state of the garden in the morning. Walked down to Regents Park in the afternoon to see the cherry blossoms.
Sunny Heath
Tuesday 30th March 2021
Lovely warm spring day today, and with the easing of the stupid restrictions the day before, the heath was joyously full of people enjoying the weather this afternoon.