Heath with Christian
Thursday 11th March 2021
Met Christian for some wine on the heath.
London March 2021
John's Pictures

Nice sky as I was walking past one of the ponds on the way to meet Christian near Kenwood.

Apparently the Kenwood woods were closed due to high winds today! Haven't seen that before. The rest of the heath was open as usual.

Our pleasingly over the top wine setup - Christian brought along a silver platter, a Croavin, a decanter, and little bowls for nibbles. My Ice Bag looked a bit naff alongside that.


Stayed on the heath until it got dark (and also quite cold).

Can see some stars in the sky here.

After Christian left I was determined to enjoy the fresh air a bit longer, so I went and found another bench in a spot I don't usually sit (it looks a bit like another barrow).

Then wandered over to the top of Parliament Hill to watch the London skyline gleaming in the distance.

One last slurp here before heading home.