London March 2022
March 2022
Pictures from London in March 2022.
John's Pictures

Pancake Day
Tuesday 1st March 2022
Pancakes after school, then I went for a walk on the heath while Erika was at her woodworking class.
Gloom on the Heath
Wednesday 2nd March 2022
A particularly gloomy stroll on the heath this evening.
Friday 4th March 2022
Just one photo of Erika wearing a cushion as a hat.
Saturday 5th March 2022
Erika had a picnic at her Japanese school today (despite the rather dreary weather). I went to a Turkish restaurant on Holloway road which I discovered had vegan lahmachun.
Sunday 6th March 2022
Two visits to the heath today - Chie and Erika joined me for a walk in the morning, and then I went back later on in the late afternoon / early evening.
Smit, Sainsbury's, Chocolate Mousse
Monday 7th March 2022
Tried simits - Turkish bagels - at lunchtime. Then in the evening, after dinner, we had an exciting family outing to the big Sainsbury's in Camden. Later on back at home I made chocolate mousse using aquafaba (the water from a tin of chickpeas) which came out quite well.
Tuesday 8th March 2022
The usual quick early evening visit to the heath while Erika was at her woodwork class.
Thursday 10th March 2022
Went down to Belgravia to visit my dentist today, which meant as usual lunch at one of the Olivo restaurants - this time old favourite Oliveto. Chie joined me for a change, as she was working in central London in the morning. Sort of an early birthday celebration I suppose.
West Woods and the Pewsey Downs
Friday 11th March 2022
We were all given the day off work today, and combined with my upcoming birthday I decided I deserved a treat, so headed off into the windy / rainy outdoors for a walk and some wild camping. I got the train to Pewsey around lunchtime (timed to try and avoid the worst of the rain) then headed up to the Pewsey Downs, taking in West Woods (the likely source of the sarsen stones at Stonehenge), and then eventually had a windy / rainy night's sleep atop a hill.
Early Morning Walk to Avebury
Saturday 12th March 2022
It certainly wasn't a great night's sleep, with the wind and the rain, but probably an improvement on previous attempting at wild camping. Was all packed up and on the move by around 7am, and had a lovely morning walk to Avebury.
Dim sum and Stonehenge Exhibition
Sunday 13th March 2022
As another pre-birthday treat, we went out to our favourite dimsum place for lunch, then afterwards visited the Stonehenge exhibition currently on at the British Museum.
iPad Mini
Monday 14th March 2022
I caved in and ordered an Apple product. I'd been struggling to edit the videos from my GoPro using a Chromebook, and regrettably it seems it just doesn't really work for the 4k H265 video the GoPro records. I had to begrudgingly admit Apple devices are much better set up for this sort of thing.
My Birthday
Tuesday 15th March 2022
A relatively quiet day, having had all my main birthday outings and treats over the weekend. Had a glass of Fourrier on the heath, and the girls made me a fantastic black forest gateau which we enjoyed after dinner.
Jeremy's Art Exhibition
Friday 18th March 2022
My friend Jeremy held an exhibition of his recent work at his house this evening, I took the girls along, and we had a quick dinner at a nearby pub on the way there.
Day out with Erika
Saturday 19th March 2022
Erika and I had a lovely day out today, starting with a visit to the Owl Bookshop (haven't been there in ages). Then to Bear and Wolf, our local cafe, for a late breakfast (I suppose I would have to begrudgingly concede it was something like brunch). Then we headed to the Pineapple, to read the books we had got from the bookshop, and then a late lunch. Later on back home and spent some time out in the back garden.
Sunday Roast and the Heath
Sunday 20th March 2022
Went to a pub we hardly ever go to in order to try their Sunday roast. I don't think any of us were particularly impressed though. Later on the girls went off to meet friends (I think) and I headed to the heath for a bit.
Monday 21st March 2022
Another exciting Monday evening visit to the big Sainsbury's in Camden, and while we were down there we also fit in dinner at the new vegetarian/vegan Chinese restaurant there - in particular I enjoyed a fiery Szechuan dish.
Royal Automobile Club
Tuesday 22nd March 2022
Finally realised a long held ambition of mine to visit a St. James's club (if we set aside that one I was a member of for a couple of years, which never quite felt like the real thing). Thanks to Christian for taking me along as a guest. A very civilised and refined evening.
Wednesday 23rd March 2022
A couple of random midweek pictures.
Thursday 24th March 2022
Some more random midweek photos.
Friday 25th March 2022
End of the working week ESW on the heath.
Hanami and Al Fresco Dinner
Saturday 26th March 2022
Apart from breakfast ate both main meals outdoors today: joined some Japanese friends of friends for a Hanami in Regents Park for lunch, then later on dinner on the terrace of a nearby Italian restaurant with Erika's friends.
Dots, Tarp, Pineapple, Heath
Sunday 27th March 2022
Played with the Lego Dots making signs in the morning, and then I practiced setting up my tarp indoors. Lunch at the Pineapple (also played a game of Battleships there) and then later on in the afternoon I headed to the heath while the girls went to meet friends.
Tuesday 29th March 2022
Picked Erika up from her woodworking class in the car for a change, after which the girls went for dinner with friends, and I went for an evening stroll on the heath.
Thursday 31st March 2022
Unfortunately our plans for the upcoming Easter holidays went awry today - Erika tested positive for the lurgy, and with the girls due to fly out on Monday that looked unlikely to happen. Erika was consequently off school, so we had fish and chips for lunch to try and cheer ourselves up, then later on I went to the heath for a bit.