Smit, Sainsbury's, Chocolate Mousse
Monday 7th March 2022
Tried simits - Turkish bagels - at lunchtime. Then in the evening, after dinner, we had an exciting family outing to the big Sainsbury's in Camden. Later on back at home I made chocolate mousse using aquafaba (the water from a tin of chickpeas) which came out quite well.
London March 2022
John's Pictures

The simit (Turkish bagel) I had for lunch, which I filled with grilled halloumi and lettuce. This was quite nice.

Chie and Erika heading to Sainsbury's. How exciting!

After shopping, in the rather bleak underground car park.

My chocolate mousse. Overall I was pretty pleased with it, although the texture was a tiny bit grainy, possibly an issue with how we melted the chocolate.