Tuesday 28th May 2019
Chie and Erika went off to Wales to stay with friends for a few nights as it was half term, so I had the evening to myself in London. I headed to Mayfair to try the Mayfair Chippy, then headed home for some ESW in the garden.
London May 2019
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There were two reasons I wanted to try the Mayfair Chippy - firstly because they had a vegetarian (and a vegan) version of fish and chips, and secondly because the wine list on their website had some English sparkling wine (from Court Garden). Sadly it appears that was out of date when I actually got to the restaurant.

Still, the vegetarian fish and chips (battered halloumi) were good.

Back at home, I addressed my disappointment at there not being any English sparkling wine on the menuthe Mayfair Chippy at by trying Gusbourne's Blanc de Blancs, which I'd picked up a bottle of at Hedonism Wines in Mayfair.

For added satisfaction I got the sabre out.

...and also read the book on English sparkling wine I had recently bought.



It was quite a pleasant evening, and I stayed out in the garden until it got dark.