Slavic Dinner
Sunday 7th November 2021
Erika's friend's Mum invited us round for dinner to sample some Slavic cuisine. I did a bit of research on Ukranian wine, and found that Hedonism in Mayfair had quite a selection of old vintages from the Massandra winery, so I headed down there in the afternoon to pick up a bottle.
London November 2021
John's Pictures

I decided to walk down to Mayfair, and took this photo of Park Crescent on the way.

Here's the bottle of Massandra wine I bought - a 1977 Pink Muscat.

At dinner later on, the borscht (which was really good) was served in these very pretty bowls.

The grownups at dinner during the dessert course, when we opened the Massandra. The children had dined at a separate table, and had lonf since finished and gone off to play. The Massandra was surprisingly drinkable - like a cloudy Port, with hints of prune, a little smokey and some spice.