London November 2021
November 2021
Pictures from London in November 2021.
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Tail End of the Sunset
Tuesday 2nd November 2021
Headed to the heath just about in time to catch the tail end of the sunset (it's getting harder as the days get shorter).
Chateau Peyraguey
Thursday 4th November 2021
Took one of the half bottles (of which I have rather a lot) of Chateau Peyragey to the heath for the sunset this evening.
Bonfire Night
Friday 5th November 2021
We were originally supposed to be all going to Parliament Hill for Bonfire Night to watch the fireworks, along with Erika's friend and her parents. As it turned out though, Erika's friend and been unwell, and as a result Erika lost interest in the idea. So I just went by myself and had a pleasant time of it regardless.
Saturday 6th November 2021
Andrew happened to be in my neck of the woods, so for the first time in what seemed like forever I actually had a friend come to the flat.
Slavic Dinner
Sunday 7th November 2021
Erika's friend's Mum invited us round for dinner to sample some Slavic cuisine. I did a bit of research on Ukranian wine, and found that Hedonism in Mayfair had quite a selection of old vintages from the Massandra winery, so I headed down there in the afternoon to pick up a bottle.
New Breaky Bottom
Tuesday 9th November 2021
Quickly tried the newly released Breaky Bottom on the heath while Erika was at her woodworking class.
Rene Leclerc
Wednesday 10th November 2021
Tried some Rene Leclerc Gevrey Chambertin on the heath today - a producer Keith Floyd visited in one of his TV shows.
Coral Room
Friday 12th November 2021
For the first time in a long time had a night out with the old gang, starting off at the St Pancras Champagne Bar, then onto the Coral Room in Bloomsbury.
Radlett to Shenley
Saturday 13th November 2021
I randomly got the train to Radlett (probably the nearest bit of countryside to home, only 23 minutes on the train) in the morning, for a short walk from there to Shenley and back again. Later on a quick glass of Fourrier's new Bourgogne Rouge on the heath. Then pizza and a movie with the girls in the evening.
Three Playdates
Sunday 14th November 2021
Quite a busy day - especially for Erika - who had not one but a total of three playdates today. First at ours spanning lunch with a friend from school, then over to another friend for the afternoon (and meanwhile Chie and I went for a walk on the heath) then finally an impromptu gathering back at ours again for dinner.
Monday 15th November 2021
I went for a morning stroll to the heath, with a coffee, largely to try and remove some dog poo from my walking boots. In the evening Chinese food for dinner.
Tuesday 16th November 2021
Some Pommard on the heath while Erika was at her woodworking class. I can't say I'm really a fan of Pommard.
Wednesday 17th November 2021
Chie and Erika played indoor badminton this evening.
Heath with Andrew
Friday 19th November 2021
Andrew was in my neck of the woods, so came and joined me for wine on the heath this evening. We also slightly oddly had a couple of dehydrated camping meals while there.
Two Trips to the Heath
Sunday 21st November 2021
Chie and Erika were still away for the weekend, and I made two trips to the heath today - one just before lunch and one late afternoon / early evening. In between a quick Sunday roast at a nearby pub.
The Heath in the Dark
Tuesday 23rd November 2021
Went and sat on the heath in the dark for a bit while Erika was at her woodworking class.
Wednesday 24th November 2021
Yet again the heath around sunset, this time with some Gavignet in hand.
Greenwich and Blackheath
Thursday 25th November 2021
I took the day off work today, and had planned to visit a friend down in Blackheath, but somehow we got our wires crossed a bit and ultimately didn't end up meeting. Anyway it made for a pleasant change of scenery.
Friday 26th November 2021
Finished work early and went to enjoy the sunset on the heath - quite a nice one today I thought.
Saturday 27th November 2021
Popped out in the afternoon for a quick pint at the Pineapple. In the evening local friends came round for dinner.
Sunrise and Afternoon with Erika
Sunday 28th November 2021
I woke up early and went to see the sunrise from Hampstead Heath. In the afternoon Chie went out so Erika and I spent the time playing Lego, watching telly, and also made a brief outing to the Pineapple.
MOT and Heath
Tuesday 30th November 2021
Dropped the car off for its MOT in the morning, in Hendon. In the early evening went to the heath for a bit while Erika was at her woodworking class.