London November 2022
November 2022
Pictures from London in November 2022.
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Wednesday 2nd November 2022
Early evening visit to the heath, spotted a fox.
Thursday 3rd November 2022
Another early evening visit to the heath.
Rain and Fire
Saturday 5th November 2022
I decided, perhaps ill advisedly, to head down to the South Downs and do a rainy walk from Hassocks to Lewes, where I caught a bit of the Bonfire Night celebrations there, before heading back up into the hills for a very windy / rainy wild camp.
Sunday 6th November 2022
After a particularly wild camp (constant rain and wind) on a hilltop I got up early and walked back to Hassocks, then got the train back to London. Quiet day at home for the rest of the day.
Monday 7th November 2022
Spotted a couple of mushrooms growing out of a crack in the pavement.
Tuesday 8th November 2022
After the absolute wash-out at the weekend attempting to sleep under a tarp, I had decided I should probably have a tent instead for those sort of weather conditions. It arrived today.
Wednesday 9th November 2022
Approached Hampstead Heath from the Hampstead side for a change (wanted to go to the wine shop in Hampstead first).
Pineapple and Camden
Thursday 10th November 2022
Went for lunch at the Pineapple with Chie. In the evening I took Erika to her gymnastics class, after which we headed down into Camden to pick up bubble tea and vegan fried chicken.
Light Attachment and Borough
Friday 11th November 2022
Received a new light attachment for my GoPro today. In the evening went down to Borough to meet the usual suspects.
Saturday 12th November 2022
Got the train down to Petersfield for a walk in that area - starting with a pub lunch at the beautiful Harrow Inn, and then up onto the South Downs somewhere around Harting for a wander and eventually a wild camp in my new tent.
Sunday 13th November 2022
Up early, and a lovely misty walk in the morning back to Petersfield, then train back to London from there. The girls went out for a bit later on in the afternoon so I went for a stroll to the heath.
Thursday 17th November 2022
I took Erika to gymnastics again this evening - this time in the car, and afterwards we once again headed down into Camden to pick up dinner. Erika chose Chinese food from "Vegan Planet".
Friday 18th November 2022
Went for an early evening walk to the heath.
Cake and Heath
Saturday 19th November 2022
Getting Erika to go to Japanese school on Saturday morning is always a bit of a struggle, but today after quite a tiring week and a late night the night before (not Erika's fault I should add) Erika really dug her heels in on the issue.Consequently she and Chie had a bit of a falling out this morning. So Erika didn't go to Japanese school, and instead she and I spent the morning / early afternoon baking a cake to try and cheer Chie up. Later on Erika and I went for a walk to the heath together to catch the sunset.
Flask in Highgate
Sunday 20th November 2022
We met up with local friends for a slightly chilly Sunday roast outside the Flask in Highgate.
After the rain
Wednesday 23rd November 2022
A walk to Hampstead Heath after a rainy day. Cleared up nicely in time for sunset.
Gloomy Heath
Thursday 24th November 2022
Gloomy walk on the heath.
New Quilt and Ivinghoe Beacon
Friday 25th November 2022
My new sleeping quilt (like a sleeping bag, but more open) arrived this morning, and I took it out for a trial run with a wild camp near Ivinghoe Beacon this evening.
Back to London
Saturday 26th November 2022
There was a train strike so I couldn't get a train back to London from Tring. Instead I got the bus from the foot of Ivinghoe Beacon to Dunstanble, and from there the Guided Busway to Luton, where trains still seemed to be running more or less as usual.
Return to Joy King Lau
Sunday 27th November 2022
I was surprised to discover this morning that out old favourite dim sum haunt Joy King Lau had reopened, albeit under new management, with a different menu. So with a little apprehension we decided to go and try it out for lunch today.
Monday 28th November 2022
Realised I hadn't even opened the bivvy bag I received with my new quilt last week, so tried those out together this afternoon.
Erika's School Play
Wednesday 30th November 2022
Went to see Erika's school play this evening, it was about the vikings, the topic her class has been studying this term.