Thursday 10th April 2008

A few (mainly very dark) pictures from a night out in London with Lorenzo.

John's Pictures
Maison de Stuff

19:12:39 Here we are at Asadal - the Korean restaurant in Holborn.19:13:00 20:30:53 Next stop the Cittie of Yorke.

20:52:48 The Taddy Porter - this was very nice (and labelled suitable for vegetarians!).20:52:58 20:53:07

21:14:14 Lovely ceiling there - shame none of these pictures came out that well.21:14:18 ...same again.21:26:11 Next pub, Ye Old Mitre.

21:45:38 22:16:58 The final venue of the evening - the Whisky Society. Finally we were in a place that was actually light enough to take half decent photographs!22:17:09 Last shot of the evening, and probably my favourite. Don't we look sophisticted here?