New Year's Eve - London December 2008

New Year's Eve

Wednesday 31st December 2008

Watching the fireworks in London with Mark, Cristelle and Jim.

London December 2008

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23:59:31 Mark and Cristellete expectantly waiting for the clock to strike midnight and the fireworks to start.00:01:42 ...a bit hard to make them out through the trees, but you can just about see the fireworks here!00:01:48 ...and again.

00:02:06 I look like I'm in some pain here!00:04:58 Jim, Cristelle, Mark and Chie with our plastic teacups of Billecart Salmon Rosé.00:05:15 ...and the same again with me in the shot.

00:11:21 Attempted to get a zoomed in picture of the fireworks.00:32:57 A little later on, after the fireworks had finished, we wandered along to Parliament Square which was all rather nicely lit up.00:33:11

00:33:16 As you can see here lots of other people were taking similar pictures.00:33:57 Chie in front of Big Ben.00:35:03 Mark and Cristelle...

00:35:10 ...and again...00:40:29 overview of the assorted revellers in Parliament Square.00:52:06 An odd picture of some assorted police and security people on the way back to the flat.