New York November 2008

New York November 2008

Saturday 1st - Friday 7th November 2008

A week's business trip to New York, including the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be in Times Square on the night Obama was elected president.

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Sunday 02nd November 2008
Some late pictures from Saturday night, followed by a few odds and sods from Sunday proper.

Monday - Office
Monday 3rd November 2008
A couple of random pictures of me on a toilet in the New York office.

Tuesday - Election Night
Tuesday 4th November 2008
Some pictures, mostly from and amazing evening in Times Square watching the election results come in.

Wednesday - John's Pizzeria
Wednesday 5th November 2008
A night out at a New York pizzeria, with a name which rather appealed to me.

Thursday - Pan-Asian Restaurant
Thursday 6th November 2008
Just one picture of a colleague in a pan-Asian restaurant.