Regent's Park

Regent's Park

Sunday 18th May 2008

A Sunday afternoon's stroll through London, all the way up to Regent's Park.

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11:54:07 This is a real pub! This rather caught my eye on the way.11:54:18 The speaker - between Victoria and Westminster - took a picture of this as it seemed like exactly my sort of pub.12:07:13 St. James's Park

12:07:59 13:53:28 On the way into Regent's Park. I rather liked this sign.14:00:08 Regent's Park from here on in...

14:00:23 A couple of ducks both practicing how to look sideways.14:01:15 Me on a bridge.14:01:31

14:01:41 Classic "two shot" as the Japanese call it.14:03:11 Chie on a bridge.14:03:20 Quite Japanese shot here!

14:05:59 ...and now the roses.14:06:18 14:06:30

14:06:42 14:08:55 14:09:34

14:09:47 14:11:52 14:19:35 Mine and Chie's Vegetarian Shoes!

14:25:05 A shruberry!14:55:22 Primrose Hill.14:58:41 The view from Primrose Hill out over London.

14:58:50 ...and again, with a bit of zoom.