Sunday 13th April 2008

A daytrip to visit the charming seaside (ish) town of Rye.

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11:12:32 Here's me and Chie on the train, with Chie oddly taking a picture of my camera as it was taking a picture of us.11:13:36 ...same again without the phone in the way.11:47:18 There's Rye station.

11:51:13 ...and here we are in the charming streets of Rye proper.11:52:42 ...there follows lots of pictures of these lovely little streets...11:53:55 Simon the Pieman, apparently.

11:55:31 The church.11:56:10 It's hard to walk past a half timbered house like this and not take a picture.12:00:35 This, I believe, is Mermaid Street.

12:00:49 Cobbles and everything - what more could you want?12:01:04 Just in case there was any uncertainty about the presence of cobbles.12:01:51 ...and here is the Mermaid Inn - in its current incarnation it is almost 600 years old.

12:03:13 12:10:19 Inside the Mermaid Inn.12:10:32 ...and again.

12:13:50 We decided we should stop here and have lunch. Here we are in the back bar, Chie enjoying the grand fire place.12:17:09 Our lunches - roast beef for Chie, a spinach and goats cheese omelette for me.12:27:15 Me with the bar (note the hanging hops) behind me.

12:44:27 12:45:33 12:49:41 The little courtyard in the middle of the Mermaid Inn.

12:50:55 Back out the front again.12:51:06 Close-up on some of the creepers growing up the wall...12:52:39

13:27:36 Some blossom13:32:12 A loch.13:36:02 Headed out of Rye, and over the fields toward the sea.

13:36:07 Chie in a field.13:36:20 Looking back to Rye.13:38:50 A couple of swans...

13:39:26 ...Chie was rather delighted to find the fields were full of lambs.13:39:41 ...some of which were very inquisitive and came very close to the footpath!13:39:54

13:40:04 13:40:11 Ahhhhhh! Wickle baby baa lambs.13:42:27 Lambs with their mother.

13:43:24 13:50:25 It was a bit windy.13:50:33 There's Camber Castle over there.

13:50:36 13:50:38 13:55:27

13:56:31 Camber Castle a bit closer up.13:57:18 14:00:05

14:22:10 14:28:19 A digger which seems to have been abandoned in a field.14:37:23 Finally we made it to the coast, and here's a cabbage-like plant - I believe I saw Ray Mears eating one of these (or some part of it, or maybe he was saying it was deadly poisonous... errr...).

14:37:34 Chie on the beach.14:38:27 14:38:56

14:39:20 14:39:42 14:40:44 Self timer portrait.

14:41:12 14:44:34 Arty portrait of Chie. A bit like the 007 title sequence I suppose.14:50:55 Some sort of dead fish had washed up.

14:51:28 15:04:24 15:04:39 Quite nice clouds here.

16:30:04 Back in Rye now16:31:43 More charming buildings.16:32:49 Ye Old Bell - nice roof there.

16:42:24 A gatehouse.16:43:08 17:06:34 A spot of late afternoon tea.

17:06:37 17:06:45 Very nice!