Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters

Saturday 25th August 2007

Me and Chie on a lovely (but exhausting!) walk from Seaford to Birling Gap.

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13:12:39 At the start of the walk, me on the beach at Seaford, wearing hat number 1 of 2.13:12:43 A view along the beach at Seaford.13:12:46 Chie thinks I look like a middle aged man here.

13:12:49 Really bright blues here.13:26:07 Another beach shot at Seaford.13:28:30 Chie rather liked the coloured beach huts here. I guess they've been newly rebuilt - they all looked very modern.

13:35:14 Up on the first clifftop, looking back down to Seaford.13:37:45 ...and the first bit of the famous chalky white cliffs...13:37:49 ...particularly chalky here!

13:38:45 More chalky cliffs (I fear this is going to be something of a running theme in these pictures...).13:43:32 Another view back down to Seaford.13:48:38 First glimpse of the Seven Sisters in the distance there (and note Chie holding our 2 litre water bottle here!).

14:03:15 Self timer shot of us with the Seven Sisters as a backdrop - and note that I have now changed to hat number 2.14:05:56 These look better close-up than they do from a distance.14:06:44 The Seven Sisters again...

14:12:06 ...and again - I think this is probably the best shot I got of the Seven Sisters.14:25:24 We had to come down off the clifftops at this point - Cuckmere Haven.14:25:29 Another view of Cuckmere Haven.

14:30:57 After fording the river here - an experience that was strangely both painful and fun.14:31:03 My feet, recovering after wading the pebble strewn river.14:31:37 Taken whilst still sitting and recovering - which is my excuse for the lack of a straight horizon!

14:31:52 That's better.14:42:38 I wanted to get a picture of the chalk cliffs up close...14:42:50 ...and so here's one with Chie in...

14:43:16 ...and one with me in...14:43:23 ...and some more with me in...14:43:27 ...and more...

14:43:30 ...and give me the camera back Chie!14:44:49 Climbing back up to the clifftops from Cuckmere Haven, and looking back down into the bay.14:44:54 It was quite a steep path (not an uncommon occurrence today!).

14:47:11 Not sure if Chie is practising some form of martial arts on the clifftop here, or just in the process of falling over.14:48:22 Another glance down to the bay from where we'd just walked up.14:49:26 Me and Cuckmere Haven in the background...

14:49:30 ...and again.14:53:59 I think we're probably on the first of the Seven Sisters now, looking along to the next few.14:54:08 Same again in portrait.

14:55:37 Writing messages on the hillside using pebbles seemed to be a popular pastime around here.14:56:29 I'd like to think "Puppy I Love You" is some form of political slogan for a radical communist group.14:57:10 Yet more of the very photogenic coastline. It was hard to put the camera away!

14:58:53 Chie climbing over a sty (stile?).15:05:44 A much needed water break.15:17:01 Chie examining a sign.

15:20:11 Lovely blue sky here. Great for the photos, but the hot weather made the walking really hard work at times!15:25:26 Running out of ways to annotate pictures of chalky cliffs now...15:25:35 Chie balancing the water bottle on her head (I guess the sun stroke was getting to her!).

15:29:54 It occurs to me almost all of these pictures are just different configurations of sea, sky, chalk and grass.15:34:12 Chie looking like she's really got into her stride now.15:34:26 Me looking a bit knackered!

15:39:08 A monument here - I thought I'd take a picture of this to see if I could spot it on Google Maps later.15:43:50 Coming towards the end of the Seven Sisters now...15:44:03 I always like the way the sun glistens on the water - and the little sail boat was a plus too.

15:44:07 Lovely.15:52:08 I think this was our final break, before the last leg that got us to Birling Gap.16:09:32 So we're at Birling Gap now...

16:09:40 ....and there's my Strawberry Split.16:51:30 Taken from the bus that took us from Birling Gap to Eastbourne.16:51:36 ...and again.

17:24:00 On the pier in Eastbourne now.17:27:06 This is me revealing how messy my hair had got as a result of wearing a hat and sweating a lot...17:27:11 ....well I guess it could be worse.

17:27:48 A bit of the seafront at Eastbourne, as seen from the pier.17:34:10 The pier as seen from the seafront.18:07:27 The obligatory bag of chips, eaten whilst waiting for a train back to London.

18:53:00 On the train now, and on the way we passed this hill with lots of people paragliding.