Simon and Vanessa's Wedding

Simon and Vanessa's Wedding

Saturday 9th August 2008

Our friends Simon and Vanessa finally tying the knot (they'd been together as long as we had) in a charming spot in rural Berkshire.

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12:01:13 Here's Chie at Paddington Station.12:24:28 Sushi on the train12:24:42

12:24:54 Me and my new Network Railcard - every time I get a new card with "Dr Hawkins" on it I feel rather chuffed.12:25:16 12:29:16

13:47:24 Me and Chie having a quick pre wedding drink at the Rowbarge in Midgham. This was quite a nice pub actually.14:34:33 At the wedding venue now - and we arrived a bit too early. From left to right - me, Simon (the groom) David (the best man), Stuart and Rich (the ushers).15:23:54 I like to think Simon and David having are having a little man-to-man chat here about the deeper meaning of life and so on, in the last few moments Simon has as a single man. In reality though they're probably talking about their iPhones.

15:35:43 Well here comes the bride - doesn't she look fabulous!15:53:10 After the ceremony - we're now looking at (the backs of) Mr and Mrs Steele! I rather like the traily bit on Vanessa's dress, you don't see that so much nowadays.15:53:44 The newly married couple, posing for shots with the registry in front of them.

15:53:50 ...and here they are a little bit more straight on.15:55:53 Here they are progressing back out of the hall again...16:02:28 A few outside group shots - obviously the official photographer will have much better version of all of these!

16:02:45 16:09:24 I actually thought the umbrellas made for quite a nice effect here.16:13:13 The bride and groom with Simon's family.

16:22:35 Chie hiding behind some flowers. Can you see her?16:22:46 Fire exits remind me of one of the pictures from my other friend Simon's wedding.18:04:17 Dinner! The food was rather good I thought - here's the vegetarian option...

18:04:26 ...and the roast beef.18:06:16 The table Chie and I sat at for dinner.19:26:10 Chie went to take a few pictures of Simon and Vanessa cutting the cake...

19:26:34 19:26:41 19:26:43

19:38:11 Here's Simon doing his speech.19:56:35 And David doing the best man's speech.20:26:08 Chie on her phone, I rather liked the setting here.

20:40:23 Errr....? I think these may have been attempts to take pictures of Simon and Vanessa having the first dance...20:40:41 ....but you really can't make anything out whatsoever!22:11:03 On the way back now, Chie waiting at Midgham statio.

22:21:46 Midgham station by night.22:23:21 Some moronic pictures in weird lighting of me with Chie's fascinator on.22:23:27 One of the scariest pictures I've seen of me in recent years.

22:23:30 really does have a uniquely terrifying quality about it.22:29:42 The green light - does that suggest the train is on its way?23:06:21 Apparently it must have been, here's Chie on the other train from Reading back to London.

23:30:51 ....and one last shot of the pair of us.23:42:55 Paddington station is really rather lovely when it is lit up by night and unspoilt by the usual crowds of people.23:43:13 Isn't that nice?