Rob and Kate and Spamalot

Rob and Kate and Spamalot

Saturday 26th April 2008

Pictures from the day Rob and Kate came in to London to watch Spamalot, with appropriate merriment either side.

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13:25:51 We had a quick spot of lunch at our flat first, and Rob seized my camera and embarked on a frenzy of random kitchen photos.13:26:22 13:28:05 There's Chie shopping somethin.

13:29:35 13:30:03 Actually quite a nice picture of our lounge - doesn't it look light and airy?13:30:10

13:30:18 More kitchen photos...13:30:36 13:30:40

13:30:47 13:33:31 Here's lunch then.13:33:43 Very nice Fortnum and Mason olive oil.

14:12:49 Rob and Kate on the Number 24 bus bound for the centre.14:27:11 Lovely touristy picture on the bus - going past the houses of parliament here.17:07:09 I attempted to take a couple of pictures in the theatre after Spamalot was finished, but they came out very blurry indeed.

17:07:27 ...a shame!17:09:14 Outside the theatre, I really like this picture...17:09:32 ...although I'm not so fond of this one!

17:21:50 At the Lamb and Flag where we went for a post-theatre drink.18:15:22 Walking down the Burlington Arcade - I felt this needed a photo.18:15:34

18:18:46 18:51:46 Dinner at a Japanese restaurant called Yoshino, just of Piccadilly.18:51:51 Chie and her dinner.

21:33:25 Back at the flat now, where we spent the remainder of the evening chatting and sipping Pimm's.21:33:29 21:33:37 Not sure all of these pictures were really necessary.

21:39:57 That's a bit better - don't we look civilised!21:40:03