Stew's Birthday

Stew's Birthday

Saturday 21st July 2007

A fancy dress party down in Canterbury for Stew's birthday, the theme being rock/pop stars.

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12:32:26 On the train to Canterbury: Chie had decided to go as Amy Winehouse, which required beehive like hair. Her original solution was to bundle up some newspaper, however, this was somewhat visible, and so we later substituted this for one of my socks (a clean one, I hasten to add).12:52:17 This is some of my very own handiwork - an attempt to recreate the tattoo on the real Amy Winehouse's right arm. I think I have real career prospects ahead of me in this field.15:48:26 Stew's house now - and I rather liked this image of Jimi Hendrix (Stew) pouring charcoal onto the barbeque.

15:48:38 Chie and Yukari-san, as Amy Winehouse and Britney Spears respectively (presumably you can work out which is which!).15:55:06 Me and Stew getting busy with a couple of allan keys. I think this may actually be the only picture which I'm in! So it's probably a bit hard to work out what my costume is, given that the big clue (the clock hanging round my neck) isn't all that visible here.15:58:08 Slash (Leon) and Craig David (Gav) investigate Polish meat products.

16:17:47 I love the juxtaposition of "rock icon" Slash on some very pleasant middle class decking, in a back garden in Kent.16:19:06 Britney (Chie) adjusts Amy's (Chie's) hair as the blue haired one out of Gorlliaz (Kyle) looks on.16:37:17 I like the three level effect here, in this picture which I'm considering selling to the sausage marketing board.

17:38:28 Yukari re-applies Stew's moustache with a biro, after the original hairy one became too much of a nuisance. I don't know why, but for some reason this picture brings David Essex to mind.17:40:38 Slash entertains Britney.17:40:44 ...a recreation of a scene which never appeared in "Hello!".

17:58:30 A picture which reminds me how unreservedly grateful I am that chav fashion never made it to Japan.18:29:45 A certain amount of smirking is occurring here.18:39:19 Slash on the decking again.

19:18:44 The girls doing an excellent job of minding the barbecue... 21:06:51 Inside, and I believe we're all now engaging in Singstar - a sort of karaoke game on the Playstation.21:09:51 Slash doing some accompaniment as Jimi Hendrix sings.

21:11:40 I believe this is intended to illustrate Stew's pants.21:11:43 Not sure why the second one was required (and I'd like to make it clear I wasn't in possession of the camera at this point).21:28:14 More singing... but a bit blurred.

21:33:55 ...outside the barbecue was still going strong... As is often the way, it got to perfect cooking temperature just after everybody stopped eating.21:38:16 Self portrait of me and Chie, which gives another bit of a glimpse at my Flavor Flav costume, although the cap and clock are missing and so again it isn't very recognisable...21:43:29 Blurry picture of Chie wearing the clock which formed an integral part of my costume.

21:44:11 A slug. Despite my vegetarian / neo-Buddhist principles, I do have to admit to a slight temptation to stick it on the barbecue. We all have our inner demons...22:47:20 Later on, we all left Stew's house and headed over to a pub - and impressively most people remained in costume.22:47:31 A retry of the last picture with the flash on - much better.

22:48:09 Quite a nice group shot here. Actually we weren't the only group of people at the pub in fancy dress - it seems there's a lot of this sort of thing about in Canterbury.22:53:58 ...and just to remind you where we were here's a night-time shot of Canterbury cathedral.22:55:14 Odd one of Leon and Yukari-san.

23:10:05 Yukari-san very kindly carried my clock in her bag on the way to the pub, and rather delighted in being able to produce it when I asked her what time it was... and shortly after we decided to call it a night.