Thursday 19th - Saturday 21st March 2009

Pictures from my company ski trip to Switzerland, including a fun night out in Zurich and a pleasant afternoon in Paris on the way back.

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London to Switzerland
Thursday 19th March 2009
Got the Eurostar to Paris in the morning, the TGV to Zurich in the afternoon, and then a coach to Flumserberg in the evening. Barely took any pictures all day though! Just a couple in Zurich...

The Alps and Zurich
Friday 20th March 2009
Spent the daytime enjoying some fabulous Alpine scenery in the Flumserberg ski resort, then the evening sampling Zurich's weird and wonderful nightlife, including a circuit bending party (!).

Afternoon in Paris
Saturday 21st March 2009
Got the TGV from Zurich to Paris first thing in the morning, leaving me with a few hours to wile away in Paris before getting the Eurostar back to London.