Boat Trip and St. Pauls

Boat Trip and St. Pauls

Saturday 11th October 2008

Took the "Tate to Tate" boat service and then went for a look around St. Paul's.

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12:18:05 Whilst waiting for the boat on the pier at the Tate Britain.12:25:26 Chie is rather fascinated by these amphibious "duck buses" or whatever they're called.12:38:25 On the boat now, just after setting off. Here's a petrol station!

12:38:33 Along the side of the boat, there's the London eye.12:38:54 The Houses of Parliament, as seen from the river. Rather magnificent isn't it?12:38:58 ...the other end of it.

12:39:03 Many more of the same now - I was very snap happy!12:39:07 12:39:13

12:39:37 12:39:45 Chie asked me to take this as she likes the underside of bridges. Strange girl.12:39:53 The other side of Westminster bridge now.

12:39:59 12:40:06 I rather like this one.12:40:51 Actually I rather like all of these Parliament shots.

12:44:27 Me at the back of the boat, in shadow a bit unfortunately.12:44:34 ...and again, underside of a bridge as well.12:45:31

12:49:16 Here we are now, almost at out destination, so a few shots of St. Paul's.12:49:46 ...and the Millenium Bridge.12:49:53

12:54:04 There's Bankside power station, where my Grandfather once worked, which is apparently some art gallery or something nowadays.12:56:27 12:58:54 Chie walking over the Millenium Bridge.

13:01:33 Through to St. Paul's.13:05:11 This corner pub rather appealed to me.13:05:17 Is that the Holy Grail in that box?

13:05:30 10/10 for the name of this street.13:07:11 ...and that would be St. Paul's.13:25:53 The view from the stone gallery...

13:25:57 ...and another (not that inspiring in this direction).13:29:38 ...and further up the view from the golden gallery, right at the top.13:29:44 ...more of the same.

13:33:14 13:33:21 Chie admiring the view.13:34:08 A sign with a real career behind it.

13:34:20 I assume this must be a fire hydrant?13:35:43 13:36:23

13:36:31 15:50:31 Later on that afternoon, on the way home we stopped off at Somerset House for a coffee on their rather nice riverside terrace (although you can't really see the river here).15:50:39

15:51:16 15:59:16 Chie was enjoying shining her watch in my face here - can you see the little circle of light on my forehead?17:21:15 On the bus on the way back after stopping off in Chinatown to buy some interesting vegetarian ingredients - including this apparently nazi endorsed vegetarian foodstuff.

20:25:49 Back at home - sake!