A night at the RAF club

Some pictures from a night spent on trains and platforms, interspersed with a christmas meal (of sorts) at the RAF officer's club on Wednesday December 5th 2001.

18:01. Flash reflects in mirror. That old chesnut.

18:02. Let's try that again without the flash then.

18:04. Here's Byrnie and Mark waiting for Pete and Rob to turn up.

18:55. Finally on the train then.

18:55. That would be Stella then would it, sir?

18:56. Rob considers the strategic failures during the Crimean war.

18:56. Hmmm... green-o-vision.

19:16. Help, there's a gun sticking in my back.

21:49. In the RAF club, after dinner.

21:49. I oddly have the surname Grimsdale in my head, and I can't think why.

21:49. Rob looking very at home.

21:49. Adam enjoys a fine pint of Bomardier.

21:49. Adam again.

21:50. Still Adam, bafflingly.

21:50. Aaah, not Adam any more, well mostly not at any rate.

21:50. Stop filming! Stop filming! You'll be hearing from my lawyers, etc.

21:54. Charmed, I'm sure.

21:55. In the full size image you can just about see a strange heavenly light pouring down onto Byrnie's head. How odd.

21:55. Must have been taken by Rob, whilst I was in the toilet.

21:55. Drunk-o-vision seems to have set in then.

22:16. What an interesting assortment of beverages we have here...

23:30. You'll have to remember not to be moving next time. Cheers.

23:30. Mark standard pose number 47.

23:30. Nothing of interest is happening here!

23:46. Nice view over the Cowdray lounge as we adjourn.

23:46. Through the many corridors of the club.

23:48. Apparently the motto reads "seek and destroy". Touching.

23:50. Mysterious green-o-vision seems to have returned.

23:51. Nice.

23:52. The perils of asking someone else to take a picture for you. Oh well.

00:01. On the escalators at Green Park station.

00:04. Rob on the tube.

00:04. Hold on a minute - it's an arbitrary stranger!

00:05. Ooooooooooh...

00:06. Blokes in suits on a train.

00:06. Mark reads "Homes and Property".

00:06. Still on the tube then.

00:07. Adam listens to arbitrary stranger's walkman.

00:10. Waiting patiently at Baker Street.

00:13. Still waiting patiently at Baker Street.

00:31. Cheers Rob.

00:31. Byrnie and Mark miss the train really unconvincingly.

01:07. Mark's "trolley conundrum" soon to feature on the Crystal Maze.

01:07. Is Byrnie practising kung fu here?

01:10. These trains aren't going anywhere.

01:37. Finally on the train, here's Rob asleep.

01:41. Arbitrary closing shot of blokes in suits on a train. Nice.