Lorenzo Pirisino

Friday 10th June 2005 - Business Class

Posted on 2005/06/15 17:10:01 (June 2005).

I have got the inspiration from a post made by John recently where he was talking about his flight back to England for his viva. It made me think that I always travel by myself, and that it all became quite normal. This normalization scared me to be honest, I have never been like that before.
I couldn’t stand be by myself, up to the point where I would go and see a friend so that “at least we are bored between the two of us!, as generally none us would know what to do.
Now I am fastened in my polished business class seat, overlooking other passengers that are sleeping or maybe watching a movie. I am always so utterly bored for 12 hours, I can’t sleep so I watch movies, drink, eat, read, stretch… But nobody to speak to, nothing to look forward to. I feel that I have been deprived of the very nature of a trip: looking forward for what will happen once you arrive! After these 6 years spent traveling I have lost this enthusiasm, this is probably why I want to move again abroad, to get a new challenge, a new story to tell.
I remember a woman that Claire met when we were still together and she was living in Putney Bridge.
This woman left her highly paid job to open a cafeteria, as she couldn’t stand the hot shot businesswoman life anymore. I guess it’s nice to have money, lots of it, but where do you draw the line? I guess everything comes at a price, even high wages, but is mental sanity and humor stability worth it? I think that everyone has his/her own answer to the last question, I just hope I can find mine soon, the question is bugging me endlessly…

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