Lorenzo Pirisino

Monday 13th June 2005 – Blood and Bones

Posted on 2005/06/15 17:12:32 (June 2005).

I think that I will remember this day for all my life, as at around 22:30 in the night I might have broken the cruciate ligament of my right knee. The injury happened during a 5 a side football match, it’s rather painful, had to run to the ER.
While there I realized how my problem was so small. Apparently someone run over a 14 year old kid, all the friends and family were there, and all of a sudden the mother run out screaming that his son was dead.
I can’t describe the feeling, of course I didn’t know those people but it was quite a shock, people kept coming up and down the corridor, crying, cussing, some of them could not believe what happened. You tend to imagine what would you do in a similar situation, but it’s not easy, you are too rational if you are not involved.
It took 2 hours to get the knees looked at, at the moment there is nothing that I can do but put some ice, I’ll have to fix a MRI and hope that it’s nothing too serious. Still the though of that family it’s a painful view, I hope that things will get better for them as well.

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