Lorenzo Pirisino

Wednesday 15th June 20005 – Italian NHS

Posted on 2005/06/15 17:13:07 (June 2005).

I guess that I was quite lucky yesterday. The doctor came to visit to check the knee out, I got a 20days leave for injury. On the top of that I had to book the MRI to see the extent of the damage. Italian NHS is rather poor, so I was expecting a log wait before getting it checked, but luckily I managed to get the appointment for TODAY!! Apparently someone cancelled, I have a special request from my doctor to get the MRI done quickly, and to cap it off it took some skill over the phone to convince the lady that I really needed this exam soon (which is true by the way). So today, I am going to get it scanned, hopefully will have some results by next week. Let’s hope it’s noting serious and that I don’t need surgery.

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