Lorenzo Pirisino

Tuesday 21st June 2005 - Caller's day

Posted on 2005/06/22 08:27:29 (June 2005).

Yep basically I spent the most of the day over the phone either with the office, my mother or other people. The knee is now set my mum will try to get in touch with the doctor in Florence to see if there is a chance to ger a proper visit with him. At the same time I have called my sister's husband, he's a very good physiotherapist, he gave me some advice and told me to get an ecography of my muscles as they might be badly damaged as well. I am getting so many opinions that I don't even know where to start. Will call the doctor tomorrow and see if he can fix me up with another exam. The knee is still rather painful, I am getting so many different opinions on wether to have surgery or not, I guess that whatever specialist sees this wreckage first will have it his/her way.

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