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Wednsday 22nd June 2005 - Blogging Away

Posted on 2005/06/22 15:23:35 (June 2005).

Nothing much to report today, I have worked on the homepage all morning and afternoon, hopefully the result will be good. It has been quite a long time since I last programmed in html, fortunately I must have a good memory (or too little to remember), and I didn't take long before I was understanding why that picture wasn't loading or why that sentence is not indented... Oh well, it should be enough to get the blog and the picture sites going, that's the aim of this site anyways.
On the knee front yet no news, I was waiting for a call from my mother as it might be possible that I will have to get it checked in Florence, but she hasn't called yet. Guess I will employ the rest of the afternoon playing some games!

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When is it going to go public Loxy...?

Posted by John at 2005/06/23 24:29:34.

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