Lorenzo Pirisino

Thursday 23rd June 2005 - Construction Workers

Posted on 2005/06/24 07:47:48 (June 2005).

Didn't do much today, basically just sat at the computer arranging pictures to upload on the site when I can get hold of a non firewalled internet connection faster than my crappy 56k. My attention today was drawn to a construction site that is right next to my house. It never occurred to me on how noisy the workers are, they start sawing, banging, digging and whaterver else they do at 7,00 in the morning. Needless to say I am rather upset, as the leg is rather painful and I cannot properly sleep at night, as a result they wake me up rather early, after all I could sleep until 9:00 or 10:00 AM if I wanted to! I have imagined throwing some rotten eggs at them, in sign of disapproval, but I also thought that since I am temporarily crippled it might not be a great idea, as if they find out I cannot exactely run away...

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