Lorenzo Pirisino

Sunday 11th September 2005 - Football

Posted on 2005/09/11 23:38:17 (September 2005).

Nothing much done today, I was feeling crap and I had to take an aspirin plus some other painkiller to fight off a nasty headache. Listed to the radio for some football results, which weren't too good, Fiorentina tied away with a crap team. As for the rest I have been terribly annoyed by the TV news (as usual) they kept talking about 9/11/2001 and all the cerimonies. It is bad what happened and we should not forget, but talking about it on national TV all day... well.. I felt it was too much, especailly for something that didn't happen in our bloody country! Oh well, I guess they needed to brainwash some italians today...

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