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Tuesday 13th September 2005 - Plastic People

Posted on 2005/09/13 14:42:47 (September 2005).

Today much inspired by our new guest, Sheri, I have decided to look at some of the people around me in my office. I'll try not to make comments on them, but to simply write what I see, or at least what I think I see.

Recently I have turned my attentions towards one of our designers, a youngish woman, extremely refined in appeareance, speaks with a French accent though she's not French.
You can see her often going around the company using a cut from one of our fabrics, today using some organza as a shawl. tomorrow using some fine linen as a sash.
Designer by choice, or by incompentence, she's got it all; the luxurious sounding vocabulary, the delicate movemements, the always perfect hair. Fan of Jackie Kennedy, she strives to emulate her.

It seems that nothing touches her, she's a part timer, 2,45PM "I have to go" no matter what. It's a strange "animal", she doesn't really want to mix, though she understands that she needs to have some sort of relationship with others. I think she loves it here.
This is probably why she is always waiting for things to happen, rather than make them happen.

Many italians are like that, they prefer to complain softly about life, but underneath they do what they want, never sticking their neck out, because changements are bad but trying to build something it's even worse.

Sometimes I wish I lived in a different country, selfishness is one bad habit here, in the other countries where I lived there was more "awareness of the community".

Comment 1

1. Are you in love with her. O vuoi solamente scoparla ?
2. What's "organza" ?
3. French accent ? Is she "piemontese" ?

Posted by Sheri at 2005/09/13 16:46:14.

Comment 2

2. It's a type of silk, very hard touch.
3. From Bergamo I believe... I think it's more of a lisp when she says something with hard "R" sounds, but she sound French to me! :P

Posted by Lox at 2005/09/13 18:24:26.

Comment 3

Hi Lox, Very interesting! You write well and "draw" a vivid picture. Maybe you are too hard on your fellow Italians :) There are people like that where I work (though probably not so good looking!) Some people like the safety of a routine, don't they? There is one lady who you can set your watch by. She arrives and leaves at exactly the right time, never giving more than she has to. Anyway, keep up the biographies!!

Posted by Nigel Alefounder at 2005/09/13 22:25:37.

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