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Friday 16th September 2005 - Collection Presentation

Posted on 2005/09/16 18:55:13 (September 2005).

Normally every season (Winter/Fall - Spring/Summer) we make a collection and the style department have a big presentation to show us all the new articles that we are going to sell. Most of the material is already well known to us, mostly because this idiotic fashion business forces you to make Precollection trips, where basically you show what you are working on and the developements of your idea of collection.
I hate these presentation, half of the offices are there, the room is crowded and hot, the two main" designers start telling you what this fabric is using adjectives that are not of this world (e.g. "... look at this CRUNCHY FABRIC"..WHAT!??), expressions full of "intellectual" links, bullshite of unimaginable proportions.
Every time I want to throw up, it's so false, everyone (but me) gives a round of applause at the end (as if we were at the theatre), big compliments are wasted, "we will do well!", "this year you cannot miss your sales target!!", we have even heard a "this collection is so beautiful that makes me cry" (current boss)...
Anyways I was already quite pissed off when I walked into the room, for the usual intake of shit and what happens?
Right before they start telling their lines, the main salesman raises his hand and says "guys, before you start, I wanted to say that before the collection was made 3 months ago, we had a meeting where the commercial offices asked for a reduced collection (which we have), but full of "new" articles, of things that are very special. Well, this collection is COMPLETELY NOT what we asked for"...
... (revered silence)
The bomb was dropped. All of the sudden the head designer and the "collection advisor" start complaining "Oh this is very nice to say! Thanks, I don't feel motivated to present the collection now", people getting pissed off as the room was rumoring, more primadonna behaviour, the boss trying to keep everything in a low tone, but everything is compromised!
More people screaming, fish marketplace in Calcutta scenes. Marvellous, team shattered (it never existed really), rage venting and total chaos!
I was sitting quietly watching when big cheese screams "SHUT UP! Now get on with it!".
The presentation was quick, more argument arose afterwards, the best presentation I have ever witnessed in four years.
I have only one regret.

I didn't bring my camera!

Comment 1

What are you complaining about ! Sounds like you have great fun... The kind of "casino" (Bordello / chaos) I love ! I envy you...

Posted by Sheri at 2005/09/16 20:57:09.

Comment 2

Sheri: The problem is that my wage depends on that. I am far too "logical" to get myself to like this mess. But I cannot hide a certain pleasure in today's events! :)

Posted by Lox at 2005/09/17 12:08:26.

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