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19th - 23rd September 2005 - Escargot and Sauternes

Posted on 2005/09/25 19:30:04 (September 2005).

Escargot and Sauternes are definitely something that I would never mix together, one is a sweet white wine, the other a snail usually cooked with butter and garlic.
Anyways this is to introduce the concept of the week in Paris. Paris and most of my colleagues are excellent things (like escargot and sauternes), but mixing the two of them is deadly, mostly because it means that we are near Charle de Gaulle airport at the biggest textile fair in the world: Premiere Vision.

The fair itself is huge, there are a lot of textile companies, a lot of people flood the stands, we are lucky if we manage to eat for lunch.
It's a long show, we must wake up early, finish late, then grab something to eat for dinner and go to bed, but the worst thing is that the fair itself is not useful to get any work done.
Yes you got it right, everyone says that it's just a big show, but no real work gets done at all!!
So basically a lot of companies spend hideous amounts of money to go to Paris, to end up with nothing?! Yes pretty much...
I am totally against this fair, I see it as a big waste of time. I have tried to convince my boss to spend that money to make an additional trip to the main markets rather than waste it, but unfortunately this means that they have to committ to a decision that is "corageuos" so it is discarded from the start.
The reasons? "Everyone goes there so we should go as well", "It's a big show but all the clients are coming so we should go"!
Anyways the fair was ok I guess, apart from the usual arguments about the collection and the way we are working... I'd better not think about it, also because the general feeling is very low now and I don't need more sad thoughts now.

From tomorrow it starts the period leading up to the trip to Asia after which I will get the surgery done. I must start working on short term plans, mostly because the general situation of the company is very unstable and I don't need to risk anything right now.
After the surgery things will be a lot more "free" to look for something different.

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