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Tuesday 27th September 2005 - Jigsaws

Posted on 2005/09/28 08:06:39 (September 2005).

I was so taken by my work-related experiences that I have forgot to speak about the marvellous jigsaw puzzles that I have recently acquired through E-Bay. I have been looking for these items for 8 years now. It is a 7 jigsaw collection form an american company called ICE (Iron Crown Enterprises), now closed. They used to make everything Lord of the Rings related, starting from the Role Playing Games ending with figurines and cards.
At first I was able to geth hold only of 2 jigsaws, but I was desperately craving for the other 5, when totally by chance I have decided to look for them on e-bay (after even calling ICE offices to know if they had some stocks). Surprise surprise, I have managed to find them.
Both sellers got them during a bankruptcy auction, so they were rather cheap. I am totally happy about them, need to find enough space on the wall to hang them now!

Person of the day: The perfect salesman
Yet another colleague of mine, very short hair, always in white shirt with a tie matched to the client that he has to visit, dark trousers and leather shoes (not too expensive in order not to put the client at unease). Always busy, affected with ADD (Attention Distraction Disorder), on the phone at the same time with Tokyo, New Dheli and Mumbasa, just because he can.
He doesn't care about the rest of the company, the colleagues, the workers. He just cares about the client, the total turnover, the delays in production.
Nothing scathes him, after all he never makes mistakes, he doesn't spend too much time thinking about the world around him, he's just superior, he needs to work with other people because he cannot do it all by himself.

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