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Wednesday 28th September 2005 - Fire walk with Me

Posted on 2005/09/29 16:16:21 (September 2005).

This week I have decided to speak as little as possible about work, so I'll concentrate on a couple of thoughts that have been crossing my mind tonite.

After a long time I have taken a look at the book that I am writing.
It's still there, unfinished, like many other things in life that are left there to look at us, with no proper shape, no space, no soul.
I remember when it started, I was writing it with Francesco, one of my best friends in Florence, we were all very concentrated on the task, the first part flew away in a month, then I had to move, and with distance came the halt in writing. This whole thing doesn't make me happy, because I really wanted to finish it, but not just by myself, I'd like it to be finished together, as it started.

In the afternoon Ivan called me. He's going to get married on the 31st of October, right in the middle of my next trip to Asia. Ivan is another great friend of mine, and I feel really gutted about not being able to go to the wedding. Unfortunately this trip cannot be cancelled or moved.

I have tried to draw a common line here, and the most evident one is "distance".
It feels so weird to me that in this century of mass communication, of orgasmic wirelessness, of "I am posting from the bog", distance comes along and fucks everything up.

I have tried to convince my friends that this blog could have been a good way of keeping in touch, but I always forget that in order to do something like that you really need to have people from the next generation. Most of us are simply not ready to tackle it. There are a lot of people who still need the physical contact.
Maybe (surely) the kids of today will find natural posting on each other's blog when they are older, talking with Skype and exchanging pictures through some Web 2.0 applet, if life will see them apart at some point.

Better go to bed, it has been a long day, the book is still there, it'll have to wait a little longer, hopefully I'll be back home for good some day.

Comment 1

I maintain what I said. You have the words to express feelings and thoughts. Let me read your stuff.

Posted by Sheri at 2005/09/29 19:24:39.

Comment 2

Thanks Sheri, one of the best compliments that I have had for ages. I can send you the book but it's in Italian... Do you think you can tackle it? You can certainly write (that I know). I'll send you a mail later!

Posted by Lox at 2005/09/29 22:53:38.

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