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Friday 7th October - Monday 10th October 2005 - Florence and Old Ghosts

Posted on 2005/10/10 20:28:56 (October 2005).

On Friday I got the company car to go back to Florence as today (Monday)I had to go to Prato (town near Florence) to visit some suppliers. The old ghosts to which I am referring to is the title, are no more no less than the usual work-related issues, or should I say, my boss-related issues, that every now and then come out to haunt me and to remind me that my life is not the perfect cup of tea.

This time, in the usual Friday afternoon meeting, I had to endure a series of attacks at my sales performance and selling methods that really required all my cold blood not to burst into screams and offences at my superior.
Of course I was not entirely able to shut my mouth and something DID come out, but all in all I left my workplace downhearted and generally unhappy about my life at present moment.
It's funny that when something like that happens I suddenly bring all the other aspects in life that don't make me happy and chuck them in the "unhappiness cauldron" just to make things worse.

Anyways I drove to Florence in a rather unpleasant state, upon arrival my mum was packing as she had to leave to see Alice (my sister) who's going to give birth to her new child.

The weekend started rather badly with heavy rain, it was 2 weeks that it rained up north and getting rain in Florence as well did not make me an happy bunny. Fortunately I managed to hook up with a friend from the last work, and had a good afternoon shopping round and chatting about old times.
In the evening nice after dinner with Francesco and other friends made the weekend in Florence already great.

Sunday featured lunch with my dad and dinner with Stefano and Francesco. I guess that when I get the surgery I will stay longer in Florence and I'll be able to re-enter the Florentine lifestyle.

That pause from work will also be important to take some decisions.

The "love story" with my current employer seems to be drawing to an end, finally I realize that the erratic management techniques that I have witnessed do not allow me to work properly and to be happy.
I need a change, badly. During that time I should be able to take the decision of what to do, if to go back to Prato for work, go back to live abroad somewhere or continue with this situation. After that I can make my moves in January and hopefully get the situation changed early into 2006...

Will I succeed in fulfilling this plan?

Comment 1

My friend, I'm not entirely satisfied with my present life. I wish I could give it a new impetus. But... as you know, I'm married and I have a kid. Which means that I'm pretty 'stuck' here! You, on the other hand, are (nearly) single. You have no ties. You want a change ? Well, do it! Nothing prevents you from packing your stuff and say : "stuff it!" ......... Of course, it wouldn't be wise to do that in a rush. Take your time and think about it seriously. You have but one life.

Posted by Sheri at 2005/10/11 08:07:43.

Comment 2

I'd gladly go to Florence and open a old fashioned pub... T'is but a dream...

Posted by Sheri at 2005/10/11 08:10:55.

Comment 3

Unfortunately Florence is packed full of pubs!! You are right, the main problem seems to be related to the fact that I can't seem to find that foolishness that brought me to live in England when I was 18, and Japan, and then up here 4 years ago.. I think that I have lost myself a little, money play a big part in this picture but I am sure that I'll be able to break these chains sooner or later... Let's hope it's sooner than later!!

Posted by Lo at 2005/10/11 24:26:38.

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