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Saturday 15th October 2005 - Forms of Trash

Posted on 2005/10/15 23:55:04 (October 2005).

This is bound to be the first post with a picture included! WOW!

Funnily enough, the picture is taken at the Vedano Olona dump!
Yes. ladies and gentlemen, we talk about rubbish today. It could be argued that the whole blog IS rubbish, but I feel no shame writing about my feelings and thoughts in a world that feeds us rubbish everyday.

Today I went to the dump, we have a brand new rubbish collection system here in Vedano, basically we have to separate:
1. Plastic
2. Tin foil and cans
3. Glass
4. Organic trash
5. Paper / Cardboard
6. Everything that doesn't fit the ones above

Up to this point it's not a bad thing, you have to be careful but you learn quickly. What drives me mad is the fact that the city hall didn't provide us with 6 different types of trash collectors.
NO, they instead devised these sort of garbage picking rotas, where in a fortnight everything gets collected once or twice. This means that if you travel and tomorrow it's plastic day, you skip it and start piling up trash in your house.
Bottom line, on Saturdays you get to unload it it all at the local dump, which I consider a waste of time since our taxes actually pay the garbage picking rota too!

Speaking of trash I have to spin the wheel of time to go back to Friday.
I was completely ill, with a tragic fever but I had to go to work as we had an important meeting with the style department. Apart from a friendly feeling that was as real as a 2 dollar note, I had to endure the usual designer bullshit once again.
This time the head designer denied that our collection is too "old", despite all the commercial staff, agents and CLIENTS said so!!! In a sad attempt of agreeing with everyone my boss turned the problem onto a semantic point of view, saying that by "old" we actually meant too static onto old fabric structures, and not exactly "old" as in fitted for crusty hags over 80 (which is what we meant).
My bad state and amount of crap flying made me want to throw up, but I managed to survive and spent the afternoon in bed.

Enough trash for this start of the weekend, let's hope the rest is better!

Comment 1

Hope you are feeling better today, Lox! Over here the council devised a two-weekly rota for rubbish collecting... One week is normal household waste divided into glass, tin, paper and, er, "household" which is hard to define! We have three small crates for the glass, tin and paper and a large "wheelie-bin" for the rest. The next week is "Brown-Bin" which means garden rubbish. As you can guess, from this time of year onwards the brown-bin is hardly used - unless you are an avid winter gardener :/ We have to take any plastic containers to our local dump ourselves - so every week or so I drive off to the dump with the car full of old milk bottles, plastic shopping bags etc... The annoying thing is, the system seems so half-hearted. If you dare to overfill one of your crates or bins the workmen will refuse to empty it, and if you put something in the wrong crate, again, they refuse to take it. At the dump you have to queue for a long time to get near to a skip. I know recycling is good - I want to recycle! - but I see no evidence thet the council does this. A little more public-information would be useful. For my taxes I get these rubbish colletions and a street-light! It seems very expensive...

Posted by Nigel at 2005/10/16 09:32:38.

Comment 2

Nigel, the garbage men behave in the same way here. We are provided with small plastic bins, meant for the different types of trash. They are coloured differently and all...
If they are overfilled they are left there. This is why I am missing Florence' system, where you have big garbage collectors in the street and every week the garbage lorry comes and empty them. It's easier and you can put the trash whever you want.
If you have to queue for a mile before getting to the dump it's completely wrong, I'd send a complaint letter to the council!

Posted by Lox at 2005/10/16 10:29:01.

Comment 3

Hey Lox. We are about to get the same system. It must be an EU thing. We will be getting another wheely bin to go alongside our exist two. I'll let you know how it goes!

Posted by dsp at 2005/10/17 19:53:44.

Comment 4

In the leafy borough of Barnet recycling is compulsory and they will take you to court if they find out you've not been doing so. Trouble is, the recycling lorry comes down our quiet road at 7.30 am and throws bottles into an empty metal bin. Nice!!! We've complained about this, but were told they (the Council) can collect household waste any time from 6.30. But why does it always have to be our road.

Posted by Mad Mumsie at 2005/10/18 09:13:50.

Comment 5

When I was a kid in Florence I remember that the road cleaners would come around the block at NIGHT around 2 o clock. It is a van with spinning brushes and water pumps, but the sound of them coming during cold winter nights was quite good, as I tucked into my warm bed... Still I think that glass breaking at 7,30 in the morning IS quite annoying...

Posted by Lox at 2005/10/18 15:09:14.

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