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Wednesday 19th October 2005 - False Start

Posted on 2005/10/19 17:45:44 (October 2005).

Basically I was meaning to post something to try out my new spanky RSS feed, but NOTHING at all happened worth telling between Sunday and today.

To be very honest nothing has happened today too, but the historic decision to add pictures to every blog that I post.
Either a picture taken by me or something dug out from the net, but it has to have something in common with the concepts expressed in the actual post.
Communication is mostly word related, but it'll be a nice experiment to see what the images that I choose convey to people, and if readers will understand the link between the picture and the words.
I wish I was good at drawing, but since I am hopeless I have to use my photographic and internet scavenging talents to cover for it !

Today I have had a very nice exchange of anecdotes with a colleague of mine.

As it happens in our business there was a difference in touch between two samples of the same fabric, but my colleague was not able to make a decision on which among the two had to be approved.
As the direct sales responsible was missing she thought that she could ask the head designer about it.

Apparently after touching the two samples the reply was along the following lines:

"Oh but you see, this one is certainly the correct one. This sample SINGS more...... [melodramatic pause as if she's taken by a sudden LSD inducted trip, eyes staring at the void].... yes, it SINGS ! ", after this astoundingly complicated effort the designer had to take 4 days holiday having overworked the creative brain that she's been gifted with.

Things like these are getting so "normal" in our company that I am not shocked anymore, but what scares me is that everything seems to be moving towards a purely hedonistic and superficial content.

Appearences are ruling everyday life.....

Which reminds me that I'd better put that plum coloured jumper, it's this winter trend !!!.

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