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Thursday 27th October 2005 – I almost forgot!

Posted on 2005/10/29 18:00:01 (October 2005).

Today it was the last day in Italy before the long trip that lies ahead of me that will take me to Asia until the 20th of November.
As it happens before these kind of trips there are always a million things to do right at the last minute, but this time I have witnessed the highest concentration of them ever.

First of all I had to pack everything up, also at work, as I am leaving Friday around 6 in the morning and I need to carry home also the suitcase full of work related stuff.

Secondly, as anticipated some entries ago, today we had the big meeting with the bosses as they were going to explain about the move that our company is going to feature quite soon. Needless to say that this was quite an emotional and important appointment, also because after the Gunpowder Plot meeting, we managed to convince them to have a first meeting all together and not separated by offices as they wanted at first.

The meeting was quite boring, basically they went through the same presentation that they showed us in July, telling us how great are the other divisions and how crap we are, then they told us that from now on we have to elect one or two responsible per office that will have the task of coordinating office workers meeting and then report the critical points of this move and the possible solutions. Needless to say that the company will then decide later what to do and what not to do.
The meeting went by quite smoothly, nobody said anything (I had to bit my tongue, as if I was going to ruin their little show with my questions and argumentations I would have been fired on the spot), but the fact is that it was the last day for me and we had no time to meet.
Bottom line is that I had to call a couple of people and get them together in the evening to discuss what to say, so that at least I had done my part. I am really disappointed at my bosses (an I vented my anger by mail) because they knew from JUNE that I was leaving and they placed the first meeting right before I step on the plane! Moreover I wanted to coordinate my office, I could have done it, it would have been a great experience...

No need to cry over spilled milk...

While I was preparing to go my my boss approaches me and tells me that he doesn't agree at me leaving on Friday. I should have thought that something was brewing on there because he didn't have a go at me in quite some time, so I replied that I am landing on Saturday, I'll be in the hotel by midday and that on Sunday I have to work as we need to set up the stand.
He replies saying that I should have gone Saturday so that I could go straight to work on Sunday.
This really pissed me off, I am already nervous because I am leaving, I still have to pack and tonight I have to meet with my colleagues to speak about work, and now (he knew about my trip since June) you tell me that you don't agree?!?
Well then, I replied that I am not the only one in our company travelling of Friday to go abroad... TA DAN!! In two years he's bee travelling to the US at least once per season (twice an year) leaving on Friday afternoon, arriving more or less at the same hour, and spending the weekend with HIS WIFE in New York!!!!
He couldn't expect this retort (because he's dumb, anyone else in his position would have just told me “goodbye do your best”), so he just went on DENYING that he's ever done it!!!
Fortunately some of my colleagues were there; people started looking sideways, pretending that they are NOT listening to the argument, marvellous!!
Another slice of shit for this guy!
I cut it short saying that now there's nothing that can be done, he says that the rules for travelling abroad will change for the whole company (so far he tried to enforce hi special ones just with me), I say goodbye and in my mind hope never to see those rules applied for me!

Back to the castle, I start packing, have a great meeting with some great people that I will miss dearly when (if) I'll go away, and went to bed late for the 6 o clock early rise...

Comment 1

I am amazed. Your boss badly needs you to put up with your biting replies. Your allusion about his trips to the USA... What a slap in his face !

Posted by Sheri at 2005/10/29 18:53:01.

Comment 2

He's just too certain that people would not notice certain things. Oh, but it the ned he's a director so he's allowed everything, that's the bottom line of his thinking..
a Twatt! If only wouldn't he ruin my mood and balls it would be ok I guess...

Posted by Lox at 2005/10/30 12:31:54.

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