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Friday 28th October 2005 – Day Tripping

Posted on 2005/10/29 18:18:43 (October 2005).

The Beatles will forgive me for borrowing their song's title, but as usual going back to Japan is always like a “trip” for me.
I love it there's nothing I can do about it,
I am all nervous but ready to go, body is working at 101%, mind anticipating the people that I'll meet and the things that I'll do.
This time I was joined in my travels by Carmine a friend and a colleague of mine, he's the designer for a line that we do in our group and unlike most of the designers that I have met he's a great guy. Mind you, his background is an hard one, he really started as a Mr.Nobody and he managed to climb the ladder until getting the responsibility for a line. You have to praise things like that, it means something.
Carmine is taller than me, long hair, very big eyes that every now and then he opens VERY VERY widely, when he's talking. I think he must have some sort of nervous reactions or maybe he does that on purpose, certainly it catches your attention! He's always dressed very casual but with designers touches that tell you that he is not shoddy (like me) when putting on things. Of course he's irreprensible when we are at fairs and shows, comes from Naples and therefore he's got a strong southern accent, which adds another dash of uniqueness to his image. The exception that confirms my theory on designers and the like.

We had a short trip to Frankfurt and then off to the land of the rising sun for the usual 12 hours flight, this time on an old Lufthansa aircraft, this detail pissed us off quite a bit because the newer aircraft are BY far better.
At the time of me writing I am on the plane (see picture taken with the Night Vision option on the camera), is technically Saturday already, my mind is drifting with its pindaric flights to what it will happen during this trip, thinking of the people that I have left at the office and that I'll be contacting through emails and such...
I think about the crappy meal, I think that I don't want to get fat as usual when I travel to Japan, I think that I want to buy some shoes and electric gizmos, I think that I have a big meeting to discuss problems with a client. I think at the things that I want to download off the net, and I think that maybe the hotels might have set stricter firewall rules, I think that I want to see my friends in Florence, and all the things that I want.
I think about Rachele, my new niece, she's a week old today, and I wonder when wil I be able to see her...

Rachele the last thought today is for you!

Comment 1

Nice picture. Carmine looks like a character from the early seventeenth century. A mousquetaire or a duellist whom we would meet by Cyrano's side, a sword in one hand, a bottle in the other. Just a first impression, naturally.

Posted by Sheri at 2005/10/29 19:07:00.

Comment 2

By the way, you look ok. Must be the dim light... ;-)

Posted by Sheri at 2005/10/29 19:10:36.

Comment 3

Actually Carmine looks like you said!! I neve quite thought of him this way! I guess that I look ok because of the total absence of light. The picture is taken with a strange (and mostly useless) infrared setting on my camera! :)

Posted by Lox at 2005/10/30 12:33:42.

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