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Monday 31st October 2005 - Spaghetti Junction

Posted on 2005/10/31 24:23:23 (October 2005).

Nothing much to report today, it was the first day of the textile fair to which we are showing the collection, and it was rather quiet.
I was expecting this result as the prducts this year are rather bad and generally we are not well known for good winter fabrics.

The day had its highest point around 2 PM when a massive strike of jet lag almost knocked me down. I then recovered when a big client came to speak about a claim that it's holding more than 300.000 Euro worth of goods, and finally we ended up at the usual spaghetti palce "Al Dente", the ONLY restaurant outside Italy where I can be convinced into eating pasta. The picture above depicts the two cooks (Okada and Hiroyama san)...

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Posted by Sheri at 2005/10/31 17:38:51.

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