Lorenzo Pirisino


Posted on 2005/12/03 09:05:24 (December 2005).

Sorry guys I haven't been able to post anything recently. Trust me I really wanted to but the surgery revealed a LOT worse than it actually was "sold" to me in the first instance.
I think that I'll be able to post a nice diary of these days in a couple of days, IF pain subsides.

Sorry again...


Comment 1

So you've already had your surgery. I'm sorry that you're still feeling pain because of it, I wish you the pain will subside soon.

Posted by Federico at 2005/12/03 11:56:55.

Comment 2

That's good news to hear you've got the surgery over with at last. But I'm sorry to hear you're still in pain - I hope it gets better really soon so you can focus on your plans for the future!

Posted by Caroline at 2005/12/03 13:03:38.

Comment 3

Hi Lox - hope you get well soon and the pain goes quickly!

Posted by dsp at 2005/12/05 17:09:38.

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